Special issue: call for papers

Housing serves as a major type of social infrastructure for cities around the globe, and has played a pivotal role in promoting and sustaining livability, equity and wellbeing for urban citizens across the world. However, there are long lasting and deep-rooted problems of reduced livability, exacerbated inequalities and worsening wellbeing associated with the housing policies and housing systems in cities, especially under the Covid-19 pandemic. Cities in the Asia-pacific regions, owing to their high population densities as well as insufficiencies in the physical and social infrastructures, are more sensitive than elsewhere to both the inadequacies inherent in and external shocks to their housing systems. To tackle these challenges, it is important to bring together scholars across Asia-Pacific countries and beyond to deepen our understanding of the relationship between housing and well-being in the cities. Through sharing latest housing research from various locales and multiple disciplines, wisdoms from scholars can help to promote housing policies and practices that enable cities to become places of opportunities, livability, inclusiveness, healthiness and prosperity for all residents.

Against this background, International Journal of Housing Policy is planning to publish a special issue that promote theoretic explorations and empirical analyses on the relationship between housing policy and livability, equity and well-being in the cities.

Special issue editors Prof Jie Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Prof Shenjing He (University of Hong Kong), Associate Professor Tingting Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) invite papers that provide theoretic contributions to explore livability, equity and wellbeing issues in the city associated with housing policy and/or housing system, or policy-focused empirical studies offering new insights into enhancing urban residents’ livability, equity and wellbeing. Papers focusing on specific city/region/country, comparative analyses between cities, regions and countries, and papers offering new theoretic frameworks are all equally welcomed. Papers that span disciplinary boundaries and advance the frontiers of housing research will be especially welcomed.

Key themes of the SI include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Housing system and livability, resiliencies, sustainability in the cities
  2. Housing policy and inequality in the cities
  3. Housing policy, housing system and well-being in the cities
  4. Housing and urban social infrastructure
  5. Housing, community and the changing population structure in the cities
  6. Housing and “ageing in place” in the cities

Special issue editors will organize (virtual + onsite) SI panel sessions during the APNHR (Asia-Pacific Network of Housing Research) conference 2022 that would be hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University on July 2-3, 2022. For those interested in the SI panel sessions,  please submit your abstracts (maximum 300 words) and provide the basic information of all authors and the corresponding authors’ short bio (no more than 150 words), through the APNHR 2022 conference webpage at the EasyChair website after creating an account at this website no later than April 30: https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=apnhr2022#

Important Dates for those planning to attend the SI panel workshop at APNHR 2022:

Abstract submission deadline April 30, 2022
Notice of conference acceptance May 10, 2022
Full paper submission and conference registration deadline June 10, 2022
SI panel workshop July 3, 2022
Revisions send back to SI editors August 30, 2022
Notice of IJHP SI submission invitation Sept 30, 2022

The SI editors encourage authors who are interested in this SI presenting their papers at the SI panel sessions during the APNHR2022 and priority will be given to conference attendants. For those who are unable to attend the APNHR 2022 conference, please submit the full paper, together with all authors’ basic information and the corresponding author’s short bio (no more than 150 words) between July 1 and July 30, 2022 to all SI editors: Prof. Jie Chen (chenjie100@sjtu.edu.cn), Prof. Shenjing He (sjhe@hku.hk), and Associate Prof. Tingting Lu (tingting.lu@sjtu.edu.cn).

Important Dates for those NOT planning to attend the APNHR 2022 conference:

Submission of first draft full paper to SI editors July 1-30, 2022
Responses and comments from SI editors before July 31, 2022
Submission of final draft full paper to SI editors August 30, 2022
Invitation for submission to IJHP SI Sept 30, 2022

Altogether, no more than 16 papers will be invited to submit to the IJHP online system for this SI, and these papers will still need to go through the standard double-blind peer review process.

Please note that the attrition rate for this SI can be high as some papers might not make it through the peer review process in time to be included in the special issue. However, IJHP will publish every paper gone through the peer review process either as part of the SI or stand-alone papers.

SI Editors:

Professor Jie Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Professor Shenjing He (University of Hong Kong)

Associate Professor Tingting Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)