Editorial Board


Dallas Rogers
Dallas Rogers
School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney

Dallas’ research and teaching focuses on the intersections of housing poverty and wealth. He served as the Program Director of the Master of Urbanism at the University of Sydney and is currently the Associate Dean of Student Life. His recent books include a monograph on ‘The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property Capital and Rights’, edited book on ‘The Globalisation of Real Estate: The Politics and Practice of Foreign Real Estate Investment’, and an edited book on ‘Housing in 21st-Century Australia: People, Practices and Policies’. He is the founder and a host of City Road Podcast and a co-founder of the Housing Journal Podcast.

E-mail: dallas.rogers@sydney.edu.au

Emma Power
Emma Power
Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University

Emma is an Institute Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Her research and teaching programmes investigate urban living and the politics of care, developing two key strands of work around care ethics and housing security, and the interconnections between housing governance and cultures of home. This research is guided by concerns about the implications of growing housing inequality and declining homeownership as a pillar of the social welfare system in western liberal welfare states. Emma’s research involves strong sectoral and public engagement through industry partnerships. She is recipient of a prestigious ARC DECRA Fellowship examining the housing experiences of older non-homeowners and is a co-founder of the Housing Journal Podcast.

E-mail: E.Power@westernsydney.edu.au

Associate editors

Justin Kadi
Justin Kadi
Centre of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, Vienna University of Technology

Justin is an Associate Editor of the journal and a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy at Vienna University of Technology. His research broadly focuses on housing policy, particularly social housing, gentrification, and urban political economy, with a focus on the West European context. He has recently published on the political production of the urban housing crisis.

E-mail: justin.kadi@tuwien.ac.at

Tom Moore
Tom Moore
Department of Geography & Planning, University of Liverpool

Tom is an Associate Editor of the Journal and a Lecturer in Planning at the University of Liverpool. He has recently co-edited a special issue on international perspectives of community-led housing published in IJHP in 2018 and edited a virtual special issue on private rented housing in Europe. The themes of these issues reflect his ongoing research interests in housing policy, including the role of community-led housing models in different countries, the regulation of the private rented sector, and the housing experiences of low-income households.

E-mail: thomas.moore@liverpool.ac.uk

Policy review editor

Jenny Hoolachan
School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Jenny joined the editorial board in 2019 as the journal’s Policy Review Editor. She is a Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at Cardiff University. Jenny is a qualitative researcher with a specialism in ethnography. Her research interests include homelessness, housing precarity in the private rental sector, youth studies, the sociology of deviance (with a focus on substance use) and constructions of home and place. Jenny is currently a member of the executive committee of the Housing Studies Association as their Web and Communications Officer.

E-mail: hoolachanj@cardiff.ac.uk

Book review editor

Oana Druta
Oana Druta
Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology

Oana Druta is an assistant professor with the research group Urbanism and Urban Architecture at the TU/e department of Built Environment. Oana is a cultural geographer and urban planner, primarely conducting cross-national research in the field of housing. Her topics of interest include: shared living; homeownership and intergenerational support; housing pathways through the lifecourse; housing markets and the welfare state; neighbourhood regeneration and participation. To date she has researched and written about urban housing phenomena in Detroit, Tokyo, Birmingham (UK), Bucharest, Milan, and Amsterdam.  Her current research branches out, on the one hand studying shared housing provision in the private rental sector (in Japan and the Netherlands), and on the other investigating home investment strategies among elderly homeowners aging in place in the Netherlands.

E-mail: o.druta@tue.nl

Economic advisor

Digital editor


Jane Allen, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, York, YO10 5DD, United Kingdom

E-mail: IJHPeditor@glasgow.ac.uk

Management Board

Peter Boelhouwer, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Heriot Watt University, Scotland, United Kingdom
Nils Hertting, Uppsala University, Sweden
Keith Kintrea, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Nicholas Pleace, University of York, England, United Kingdom
Richard Ronald, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

International Advisory Committee

Jie Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China
Rebecca Chiu Lai-Har, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Brett Christophers, Uppsala University, Sweden
Caroline Dewilde, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Ed Goetz, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, USA
Eziyi O. Ibem, Covenant University, Otta, Nigeria
Keith Jacobs, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Claire Lévy-Vroelant, University of Paris, France
Martin Lux, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Srna Mandic, Institute for Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lochner Marais, University of the Free State, South Africa
Paavo Monkkonen, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, USA
Michelle Norris, University College, Dublin, Ireland
Cameron Parsell, The University of Queensland, Australia
Hal Pawson, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, University of New South Wales, Australia
John Perry, Charted Institute of Housing, UK(based in Nicaragua)
Raquel Rolnik, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Kathleen Scanlon, London School of Economics, England, UK
Urmi Sengupta, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Mark Stephens, Institute for Housing, Urban and Real Estate Research, Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK
Ya Ping Wang, University of Glasgow, UK