International Journal of Housing Policy is a leading forum for the critical analysis of housing policy, systems and practice from a social science perspective. Our focus is broad, addressing policy-relevant research and analysis from all parts of the world.

The journal essentially seeks to place housing policies and practice in the context of other public policies and to link developments in housing with broader social, economic and political change. We especially encourage papers that contribute to comparative housing analysis, however articles on national or sub-national housing systems are also welcome if they contain data, arguments or policy implications that are explicitly relevant to an international audience. Papers of both a disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature are favourably received, as are articles that critically address methodological issues.

In addition to scholarly articles (typically of 8000 words in length), International Journal of Housing Policy also considers Policy Reviews (up to 4000 words including references etc.) for publication. Policy Reviews focus on a policy or series of policies related to housing that affect a city, region or country, or even a number of cities or countries. Reviews should be socially, politically or economically relevant and ideally appeal to the current interests and concerns of an international audience of housing researchers and practitioners.

The journal also publishes book reviews of major publications in the field in the major languages. Another form of review article accepted by the journal are Viewpoint papers. These are short papers (of around 2500 words) that engage very critically with an area of current policy or academic debate. Papers that engage topically with articles and reviews appearing in the journal are also considered under this heading.

Peer Review Statement

All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by at least two independent, anonymous expert referees. All peer review is double blind.