Episode 2 of the Housing Journal Podcast Out Now

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This month we are reporting from the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference in Adelaide, Australia. Joining us in Adelaide is Julie Lawson, Associate Editor of Housing Theory and Society, and Emma Power, Editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy. We Skype in with Beth Watts a little later in the podcast to see what’s happening over at Housing Studies

Emma catches up with Professor Keith Jacobs to talk his new article with Tony Manzi on housing and financialisation. Keith is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the Housing and Community Research Unit at the University of Tasmania. Tony is Head of Geography, Environment and Planning at Sheffield Hallam University

Julie Lawson corners Professor David Clapham, and asks David about his time as editor of Housing Theory and Society, and the role of theory in housing research. David is Professor of Housing and Urban Studies in the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow, and, he famously popularised the idea of housing pathways in his book, The Meaning of Housing.

Housing Journal Podcast is a collaboration of the leading housing journals; International Journal of Housing Policy, Housing Studies, and Housing Theory and Society.

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