An exciting Special Issue is currently being compiled, and will be published in the not-too-distant future.

Below are details of the papers already available online, as well as videos introducing the particular documentary projects the papers examine.

Reshaping housing pedagogy and public policy through documentaries in Lagos, Nigeria

Basirat Oyalowo, Deji Akinpelu & Timothy Nubi

[O]ur participation as academic reviewers for Kelechi’s Quest brought home the need for academics to also communicate with the policy sector through other avenues apart from our conventional research publications and policy briefs that they would probably not read.

Reframing the contested city through ethnographic film: beyond the expository on housing and the urban

Nitin Bathla & Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou

The publication of redevelopment plans for Robin Hood Gardens estate in 2008 reinvigorated interest among filmmakers over its contested future… The exclusive focus on the architecture and on the spectacle of demolition, which fails to bring into picture the agency of its tenants, might perpetuate similar myths through representation.

Documentary and resistance: There Goes Our Neighbourhood, #WeLiveHere2017 and the Waterloo estate redevelopment

Pratichi Chatterjee , Alistair Sisson, Jenna Condie , Laura Wynne, Clare Lewis & Catherine Skipper

[There Goes the Our Neighbourhood] takes its audience inside the resistance to the redevelopment… It contests the dominant representation of public housing tenants as dependent, feckless and incapable by showing the dedication and perseverance of tenants in their struggle over the estate, particularly through its three main protagonists.

Scholars and artists collaborating for social change: the ‘In the Shadows of Ferguson’ multi-media project

Mai Thi Nguyen & Ashley Archer Tindall

Our experience from creating the studio performance and multi-media exhibit is that there is substantial value in combining social science and art, both in terms of the audience experience and for raising awareness about a challenging and complex research topic, such as institutional racism within the housing and urban system.


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