As the year draws to a close, some of you might be thinking about what to read over the new-year break. So to help, here is an overview of all our book reviews of 2019!

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Age friendly cities and communities: a global perspective
Edited by Tine Buffel, Sophie Handler and Chris Phillipson
IJHP review by: Rose Gilroy

“many contributors argue that the real potential of [age friendly cities] is defined by the ability of older people to influence, control individually and collectively the agendas and their involvement in implementation and monitoring” Read the full review…

Urban planning and the housing market: international perspectives for policy and practice
By Nicole Gurran and Glen Bramley
IJHP review by: Ylva Norén Bretzer

“The authors’ mission is to offer practical guidance on how urban planning can support an efficient supply of appropriate affordable homes” Read the full review…

Self-build homes, social discourse, experiences and directions
Edited by Michaela Benson and Iqbal Hamiduddin
IJHP review by: Pieter van Wesemael

“a convincing argument [that] self-build is contributing to the self-realization of individuals, households and communities through home making, community building and place making” Read the full review…

Handbook of gentrification studies
Edited by Loretta Lees with Martin Phillips
IJHP review by: Wouter van Gent

“a useful resource for urban scholars… a wealth of knowledge on the processes and modalities of gentrification, as well as new research agendas on a variety of topics” Read the full review…

The home: multidisciplinary reflections
Edited by Antonio Argandoña
IJHP review by: Tomáš Samec

“firmly rooted in certain understanding that home is essentially positive concept and place and that it is (or should be) rather a space of peace, than a conflict or contestation.” Read the full review…

Reimagining home in the 21st century
Edited by Justine Lloyd and Ellie Vasta
IJHP review by: Tomáš Samec

“[a] novel conceptualization to challenge and revise the notion of home being an essentialised place of peace, and spark questions regarding the contradictions that lie in the idea of family/national home and in the neoliberal politics of home” Read the full review…

Welfare conditionality
By Beth Watts and Suzanne Fitzpatrick
IJHP review by: Christian Lennartz

“an effortless and well-informed interdisciplinary approach, combining legal, moral philosophical, social policy, as well as behavioural perspectives on conditionality” Read the full review…

From conflict to inclusion in housing: interaction of communities, residents and activists
Edited by Graham Cairns, Georgios Artopoulos and Kirsten Day
IJHP review by: Kristjana Loptson

“The case studies… highlight legislative and financial levers that can be used to make project developments more socially inclusive, and emphasise the potential for community-driven action to resist exclusionary housing policies” Read the full review…

Shared housing, shared lives: everyday experiences across the lifecourse
Edited by Sue Heath, Katherine Davies, Gemma Edwards and Rachel M. Scicluna
IJHP review by: Tegan Bergan

“an intimate account of the daily lives of sharers, situated in a theoretically rigorous framework. This book is a key text for students and researchers alike who are interested in changes to access, consumption, forms and experiences of home” Read the full review…

Housing bubbles: origins and consequences
By Sergi Basco
IJHP review by: Jannes van Loon

“particularly relevant as an introduction to economic theory and modelling in relation to housing bubbles. It revolves around classical economic theories on bubbles and empirical case studies on recent housing bubbles in the USA and Spain” Read the full review…

Housing market dynamics in Africa
By El-hadj M. Bah, Issa Faye, and Zekebweliwai F. Geh
IJHP review by: Lochner Marais

“The book’s greatest strength is the abundant empirical evidence… An excellent account of the demographic shifts on the continent and the implications for housing is presented” Read the full review…

Urban warfare: housing under the empire of finance
By Raquel Rolnik
IJHP review by: Ray Forrest

“The power of Rolnik’s book lies in its geographical diversity, the implicit and explicit linkages made between apparently diverse case studies and its political commitment to adequate and accessible housing” Read the full review…

Neoliberal urbanism, contested cities and housing in Asia
Edited by Yi-Ling Chen and Hyun Bang Shin
IJHP review by: Tomoko Kubo

“Authors from a wide range of academic disciplines, from geography to political economy, succeed in analysing neoliberalism in Asian cities” Read the full review…

Housing in America: an introduction
By Marijoan Bull and Alina Gross
IJHP review by: Edward G. Goetz

“an extremely useful resource to instructors and students alike. I have been hoping for a textbook much like this one for many, many years” Read the full review…